Boosting DHEA with YL

Dehydroepiandrosterone, which is a naturally-occurring steroid hormone in the human body, is produced by the adrenal glands in both men and women. It gets converted into other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. DHEA is the most common hormone in the body and is a precursor to over 50 other hormones. It naturally declines as we age.

A number of factors can strip the body of DHEA including vitamin deficiencies or excessive stress.

Common symptoms of Low DHEA

  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Low energy
  • Hair thinning
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Young Living products that contain DHEA include:

  1. Prenolone® Plus Body Cream contains pregnenolone, MSM, Wolfberry, a variety of anti-aging and natural hormone supporting ingredients, and DHEA.
  2. Endogize contains 25 mg of DHEA. It also contains the supportive aphrodisiac herbs Ashwagandha, Tribulus and Longjack (Eurycoma longifolia).
  3. Cortistop lists DHEA as an ingredient in a proprietary blend, in addition to essential oils, this supplement contains herbs and hormones designed to slow down the body’s production of cortisol, which the body produces under stress and is unhealthy when in abundance.
  4. PD 80/20™ is a dietary supplement formulated to help maximize internal health and support the endocrine system.* It contains pregnenolone (400 mg) and DHEA (100 mg), two substances produced naturally by the body that decline with age.

Other complementary products include:

  1. Powergize has Ashwagandha, Tribulus and Longjack (Eurycoma longifolia), if you want to support glandular health without using hormones.
  2. Demand for B vitamins, antioxidants and Vitamin C increase as we age
  3. Since stress lowers DHEA levels, it is useful to find ways to unwind: Practice yoga and meditation, as it could help relieve stress. Many people find wearing or diffusing essential oils relaxing.
  4. Protein and amino acids are the building blocks for hormones. Consider Aminowise, Balance Complete, Protein Power Bites, and Pure Protein complete.

If you are interested in the above products, check out this link

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