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I’ve been using essential oils for a decade, but it wasn’t until I started using one company consistently, that I could really improve my protocols and start offering them to my patients. I started just using them for vaginal health. Then I saw how great they were for mood support. Then I saw that I could avoid giving people pills (and who doesn’t want fewer pills). I saw the value in aligning with a company that had chemical free options for body wash, dental care, and cosmetics. After all, when I say “less toxins” what does that look like?

As a result, I made the decision to sign up with a company that had oils, safe cosmetic, superfoods, and nutrition products. I am not a sales person (that’s not my thing), but I have been asked about oils, and how to use them for health. If you are interested in oils, I hope that this summary helps with the “which option” sign up portion of joining Young Living.

The first thing you will likely ask yourself about signing up with Young Living is “How much will it cost me?” The answer is that it depends on what you want from your membership, but please remember that you are never under obligation to buy anything, and I certainly won’t force you to sell or recruit people. However, there are perks when you do and if you want the benefits, you must meet purchase requirements (again, these are not membership fees). Regardless of the method you use, the best way to purchase your oils is to enroll. You can’t get member-only discounts and freebies any other way!

You can choose the “customer” option. This type of membership is completely free to join though availability may differ by country.

  • No membership fees.
  • No yearly dues.
  • No obligation.
  • No selling.

This type of membership allows you to easily order the oils and products that you need at retail pricing, plus tax & shipping–sort of like purchasing from your own private store. The products purchased here will cost 24% more than if you sign up as a distributor.

The kits range in price from $35 to $265. You only have to purchase a start up kit once, at sign up – and they are useful. Personally, I think that the Premium Starter Kit ($165) is a great value and idea, and not just because it’s at the top price tier. This kit comes with a diffuser and includes twelve different bottles of oil to get you started. Before you head to the drugstore and price compare… you are getting the oils at $13 per bottle plus a diffuser. It is really a good deal for quality oils.

My protocols have not been tested with random drugstore oils, and the patients that have attempted to use other oils haven’t seen the same benefits. As a matter of fact, I posted a video of my collection of oils that includes 33+ different brands that I have accumulated over the years!

The Premium Starter kit includes materials to help you become familiar with oils and how to use them, and I will attach the free course videos I have compiled to help you become more familiar. If a diffuser isn’t something you’re interested in, or you already know what things you’d like to order, the Basic Starter Kit ($35) is a great way to get in, and then you can begin ordering the products you want at a discount, right away.

Some of the other starter kits include:

  1. CBD oil starter kit, regular and extra strength
  2. Thieves Household starter kit
  3. Ningxia Premium Starter kit
  4. The Welcome Home Starter Kit
  5. The Basic Starter Kit has Stress Away, and it is a great way to enjoy the discount on everything else you buy!

Here is the free e-course to help you learn about essential oils.

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