Cost of BHRT FAQ

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Q. What is the cost of my prescriptions?

A. This will vary depending on your treatment plan. Low dose FDA-approved bio-identical hormone products such as patches, gels, creams, and pills will typically be covered by major insurance plans, and therefore, the patient’s cost will depend on each individual’s co-pay plan. Bio-identical hormones specifically compounded by a compounding pharmacy may or may not be covered by insurance, and the cost will depend on each pharmacy’s price. Prices for such compounded HRT are generally competitive with co-pay costs for FDA-approved brand name hormones. Patients who choose the Wiley ProtocolTM must have their HRT compounded by Wiley registered pharmacies, who provide standardized hormones as well as cost per agreement with T. S. Wiley. The monthly cost for these hormones are typically very competitive with the copay costs of FDA-approved brand name hormone products. This price may be subject to change by Wiley Systems, so please contact your nearest Wiley registered pharmacy for updated cost. You can locate your nearest Wiley registered pharmacy at T. S. Wiley’s official website at

Q. What is the cost of labwork?

A. This will vary depending on your treatment plan, as well as how much work-up has already been done by your previous physician(s). Dr. Comeaux usually requires baseline labs to be done in someone with symptoms but no previous evaluation or incomplete testing. Blood testing is the most convenient, and the extent of testing depends on each patient’s medical situation, i.e., it could be as simple as sex hormone levels, or as complicated as someone requiring extensive testing to include adrenals, nutritional status, gut health, thyroid, pancreas, and pituitary hormones evaluation also. More extensive testing may be done by saliva or urine and may cost more. Most reputable labs offer a cash pay discount if lab work is paid at the time of service, so you’ll need to check with individual labs near you. Dr. Comeaux has accounts both at Quest Diagnostic Labs and Labcorp, but her generic lab requisitions are valid at any licensed laboratory. Although Dr. Comeaux does not file insurance, if you have an in-network laboratory, your payment will depend on your insurance arrangement with that facility.  There are also options to pre-pay your laboratory studies in order to avoid unexpected bills.