BHRT Pellet Post Care instructions

Post Pellet Insertion Instructions

Remove Band-Aid in about 3 hours leaving the steri-strip or foam tape in place.
Put a fresh Band-Aid over the wound for a few days to catch any oozing that might occur.
Keep wound completely dry until the following day. After that, showering is OK. Avoid soaking in tubs, pools, or baths for at least 3 days.
Leave steri-strip or foam tape on wound until it falls off (usually 2-3 days).
Avoid vigorous exercise for 72 hours to reduce chance of bruising, oozing, or infection, or delayed wound healing. Avoid massage therapy at pellet site.
A little redness, bruising, and swelling for 3-4 days is normal. The area may be tender for 4-14 days (possibly more for men).

If you have continued bleeding, significant redness, pain (without putting pressure on the wound), warmth, or pus from the wound, call us immediately—you might need an antibiotic. This happens rarely, but infection is always a possibility with any kind of invasive procedure.

Please print and sign consent form and bring to your visit.