Please note the following prior to scheduling an appointment:

1. Alternative medicine services such as those offered by Tamyra Comeaux, MD may NOT be covered under most traditional health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.
2. Alternative medicine physicians may use alphabet codes for services, not the numerical codes used by conventional physicians. These alphabet codes are not usually recognized by insurance companies. This means it is highly unlikely that insurance companies will reimburse for these service. But we suggest that you submit your charge sheet to your insurance for possible reimbursement. We do not file insurance claims on behalf of patients.
3. Tamyra Comeaux, M.D. is a medical physician. However, her current focus is alternative medicine and, therefore, may use alternative medicine procedure codes.
Please know that changing the alternative medicine coding into conventional coding when submitting a claim to an insurance company is considered fraud.
4. Physicians and staff cannot answer any insurance coverage questions, cannot become involved in any type of dispute with your insurance company, and cannot write “medical necessity letters”.
5. Payment of cash, check or credit card is due at time of service.
Blood work billing is normally run through your insurance and you are responsible for providing the lab with your recent insurance information. You are also responsible for knowing how your plan will cover the costs and cost of your deductible.


That you can use your flex spending account to pay for your visit and any supplements dispensed in our office?


Insurance does not pay for all your medical care but that should NOT be a hurdle to your good health. Paying out of pocket for certain therapies and staying healthier will cost less than the price of sickness or poor health.

Insurance does not pay for broccoli, but that does not mean it’s not good for you.

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