Tamyra Comeaux M.D., is the “woman’s doctor” specializing in gynecology with emphasis on well-woman care, family planning, menopause, hormonal and sexual disorders. Her medical and surgical training is well complemented by her holistic approach to women’s health care.


Fairfield near US 290 and Mueshke inside Fairfield Ob/Gyn
Woodlands inside Radiance Advanced Skin and Body Care


Most of the patients that come to us have seen multiple providers but haven’t found a solution to their healthcare challenges. The integrative medicine approach is fundamentally a much more comprehensive approach to healthcare issues than traditional medicine. We believe it’s also a more cost-effective approach, but initially it may seem more expensive. Traditional medicine bases itself around the premise of diagnosing the disease/problem and then prescribing medication to manage the symptoms but generally not to eliminate the source of the problems. Traditional medicine only requires a 5- or 10-minute office visit. A functional medicine workup is much more involved and requires a lot more time and more laboratory testing to get to the root causes of health care problems. The payoff is a much better result.

If you’re not sure this type of medicine is right for you, then please attend an informational talk (check the website often for a list of seminars, or subscribe to my Facebook page “Dr. Comeaux” or follow me on Twitter @vitadoc2) to discuss our methods and costs of care to see whether this is the right fit for you. This type of medical care doesn’t work for everyone. For one thing, it requires a significant commitment from the patient to follow the treatment plan, which is generally not limited to just taking a pill each day. If you’re looking for that type of medicine, you’re definitely in the wrong place. However, if you’re looking for a solution that not only resolves a medical issue but also restores wellness and energy to your body, then you’re definitely in the right place, but you also need to understand what’s required to accomplish this goal.

Our initial office visits are typically 45-60 mins long. During that time, you give a history, take a physical, and we design a diagnostic plan. This plan usually requires multiple lab tests. This is because most of our patients have abnormalities in the majority of the lab tests we perform. It is our job to determine which of these abnormalities is the most important and contributes most to the dysfunction so we can treat that first. Because we’re giving comprehensive care, our diagnostic system is also comprehensive so we don’t miss a critical piece of your healthcare puzzle. Many patients find this overwhelming both from the point of trying to understand what we’re doing and the lab tests costs. Therefore, a frank discussion of the costs and the need for each lab test is important for you, the patient, to understand. In most cases, benefits will come in stages as we find and correct problems.

Some patients prefer getting all the test results done and getting to the bottom of their problems as quickly as possible. Others prefer a more step-like approach because it’s more affordable in the short term and easier to understand. Either system works for us. Our goal is to optimize your health, and to do that, we need to provide care tailored to each patient’s needs and capabilities.

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