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Lets Get Checked- no order needed

 is a company that provides customers with access to regulated laboratory testing from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. They offer a range of at-home testing kits, including tests for cardiovascular health, digestive health, fertility and metabolic health, STD screening, genetic screening for certain cancers, as well as COVID-19 tests


  1. Choose a test to order on the company’s official website. Use discount code TAMYRA20
  2. The test, which is anonymized and assigned a unique barcode, is shipped from the company’s ISO accredited facility and is trackable online. 
  3. To register your kit, click on the ‘Activate Test’ tab at the top of the LetsGetChecked company website and log into your personal account.
  4. After collecting your sample, place it into the biohazard bag provided and return the kit to the address on the prepaid shipping label the same day. 
  5. You will receive a notification once the sample arrives at the designated lab.
  6. Once the sample has been processed, a team of physicians will review the results and a nurse will contact you to discuss what the next steps are, if any. 

Customers receive test results 2-5 business days after their sample reaches the lab.

You can also access the results through the LetsGetChecked mobile app, available as an Apple App Store download or on Google Play. The app interfaces with Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin and other health tools. 

LetsGetChecked offers 34 at-home testing kits under four categories for the general public: 

  1. Health tests that are exclusive to men (Hormone and PSA tests)
  2. Health tests that are exclusive to women (Fertility, hormone and HPV tests)
  3. General wellness tests (Colon cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, micronutrient, cortisol, vitamin, thyroid, liver and kidney tests
  4. Sexual health tests for a wide range of STDs. Looking for peace of mind without the trip to the clinic? Try at-home STD testing for fast results. Start treatment discreetly with medication provided at no additional charge.

Most LetsGetChecked kits require urine, blood, a vaginal swab, nasal swab, or stool sample which you can accomplish at home.

Legal Disclaimer

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All of the equipment needed to collect samples are included in the testing kits. There are also video resources on the company website outlining how to collect a sample.

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