Gluten free gin options

This article discusses alcohol and is not intended for persons under the legal drinking age in their country. Please drink responsibly.

This post is intended for my patients who need guidance on how to drink responsibly.

Gin is a drink that dates back centuries, and it was originally used for medicinal purposes. Gin can have any base spirit, and as long as juniper is included, it’s gin. Juniper berries offer a lot of health benefits, but it’s the fact that they can be fermented and made into gin that makes them such a popular choice! Gin is created by distilling the typical grains that contain gluten like barley, rye, and wheat. The distillation process should remove the offending proteins, and people with a gluten sensitivity or those avoiding it should be fine. However, some people who have a gluten sensitivity notice a reaction after drinking gin, as if they ingested gluten. Not every person with a gluten sensitivity reacts to gin, so it’s a case-by-case basis. If you’re one of these people who had a reaction to gin, or if you want to be extra careful, there are gins made without gluten-containing grains that you can enjoy without worry.

I compiled some of the gins that claim to be gluten free, or use something other than “grains” as a neutral spirit.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links – this means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase.

  1. *Azzurre is based in a blend of apples, grapes, and sugar cane
  2. *Barr Hill (honey)
  3. *Beefeater
  4. *Bloom Gin
  5. *Bluecoat Gin
  6. *Bluecoat Elderflower Gin. Made by macerating organic elderflowers in the brand’s Original American Dry Gin as the base, it boasts a light floral taste.
  7. *Chilgrove
  8. *Cold River Gin (potato distilled)
  9. *Copper & Kings American Dry Gin –(apples) No neutral spirits are used
  10. *Deepwells (potato)
  11. *Dillon’s Unfiltered Gin 22 (grape)
  12. *Empress 1908 is gluten free and kosher (corn)
  13. *G-Vine (grape-distilled)
  14. *Gordon’s
  15. *Hemp Gin
  16. *Hendrick’s Gin
  17. *Heritage Distilling Company Soft Gin (grape)
  18. *Indoggo (says gluten free on website)
  19. *Laurios Rose
  20. *Le gin de Christian Drouin (apples)
  21. *Liverpool Gin
  22. *Manchester Gin
  23. *Monopolowa Dry Gin
  24. Mountain Hopped Gin is made using Colorado-grown Cascade hops
  25. *Re-Fined (grape)- they also make a vodka
  26. *Schramm (potato)- also makes vodka
  27. *Shortcross
  28. *Sindica Bantail Gin · Sindica Midnight Gin · Sindica Skysail Gin (hemp)
  29. *Spring 44
  30. *Tanqueray Rangpur
  31.  *Tattersall Gin is made from organic Minnesota corn plus 22 botanicals
  32. *The Infusionist Passionfruit Gin Liqueur from Aldi
  33. Ungava Canadian Premium Gin is produced from locally grown corn
  34. *Waterloo Old Yaupon Gin is a blend of yaupon holly, juniper, Makrut lime, anise, orris root and wildflower honey.
  35. *Whitley Neal
  36. *Williams Elegant Gin is made using cider apples. Gluten Free and Kosher.
  37. *Woody Creek (potato)- they also make a vodka

Made with Neutral Grain Spirit, but designated gluten free: Aviation, The Botanist

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2 comments on “Gluten free gin options

  1. Do they still make Azzurre vodka? I’m having a hard time finding it, and I’d like to use it to make vanilla extract.


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