Anti-aging Peptides

DMC and Longevity

Application: Fasting Mimetics and Longevity

Deriving from the ashitaba plant, 3,4-dimethoxychalcone (Also known as DMC) is a natural compound that can aid in the reversing of the effects of aging. By encouraging ‘cleansing and recycling’ of cells, unwanted and harmful cells built up over time are removed from the body.

Caloric restriction mimetics (CRMs) are compounds that mimic the health‐promoting and longevity‐extending effects of caloric restriction. CRMs provoke the deacetylation of cellular proteins coupled to an increase in autophagic flux.

Autophagy is the process that breaks down parts of your cells in order to recycle them in the creation of new cells and cell products. Autophagy has important effects that occur both within the cell and outside of the cell. Autophagy aids in the decreasing of oxidative stress, increase of genomic stability (which aids in the prevention of cancer), increase in metabolism, and increase in the elimination of waste.

Information provided for educational purposes only. No therapeutic claims are made for the products or ingredients described.

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