GHK-Cu for skin and hair

GHK-Cu (also known as copper peptides) are small chains of amino acids, or protein fragments, that are bound to copper ions. When done in a controlled manner, this produces what is called a copper peptide. Copper peptides have been shown to trigger a wound-healing response in skin, act as a powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory and inhibit the breakdown of the skin’s cellular matrix. Copper peptides have also been shown to reduce scar tissue formation while stimulating normal skin remodeling.

GHK-Cu acts directly on fibroblasts by increasing production of mRNA and protein for collagen, elastin, proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, and decorin; all of which are critical components in tissue repair and maintenance. Further, it acts to stimulate the production of metalloproteases and protease inhibitors which function to remove damaged tissue proteins. Together these functions increase the function of the cellular machinery and scaffolding to initiate repair and healthier tissue.


A particular copper peptide called GHK-Cu has proven to stimulate hair growth in several ways:

  • Tests have revealed the molecule plays a role in hair growth in human cancer patients, animals, and healthy humans.
  • Copper peptides may improve hair transplant results.
  • Application of these peptides to the human scalp has proven to stimulate growth and strengthen existing hair.
  • Copper fights inflammation.
  • As humans age, the skin starts to wrinkle, hair thins and they become weaker and this coincides with copper depletion over the years.

GHK does not work on hair growth to give results in one way. It has several tools in its box, and it can use the tools at the same time:GHK has angiogenic properties, meaning that it has the ability to improve circulation at the capillary level. This is essential for hair growth. It’s not a coincidence the fact that hair loss will increase as the number of copper peptides in your body reduces.

Copper peptide serum is a popular skin treatment, but it’s also linked to hair growth.

Tailor Made Health has GHK- Cu in several formulations:

  1. GHK-Cu cream- increases collagen synthesis
  2. Duo Cosmetic- The Tailor Made Health Duo cosmetic has been shown to work synergistically to increase the lifespan of hair follicles. Duo helps reduce the hair loss that stems from a deficiency in zinc. 
  3. Trio Cosmetic – contains GHK-cu, Argireline, Leuphasyl which work synergistically. Trio cosmetic has been shown to work synergistically to reduce the depth in appearance of wrinkles. Trio Cosmetic significantly reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines which promote inflammation. 

Clink this link to order, and use the code “HEALTH” for a discount.

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