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Booking a virtual appointment

I can assist in a variety of health issues like weight loss, eczema, IBS, food allergies, constipation, low immunity, fatigue, fatty liver, insomnia, hormonal issues, optimal health, sports training, detoxification programs, healthy cooking and shopping, etc. There is a lot of misinformation on the net, so professional advice can not only save you money, but at times it can be critical to prevent complications.

With an integrative and holistic approach, I aim to understand you as a whole and your condition at its root.

Areas of Expertise & Interest:
  • SIBO/Candida/Leaky Gut/Digestive Dysfunction
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Supplement Regimen Customization
  • Detoxification
  • Lifestyle & Diet Education
  • Aromatherapy

Televisits are a great option for people who do not require a prescription.

If you need a prescription, an initial in-person appointment is required.

Click here to book an appointment

1. Go to Select “TC Living”. Pick an appointment time slot.
2. Once you create an account and your appointment is confirmed, questionnaires will be uploaded via the secure portal.
3. Visits are one hour in length.
4. You can upload any labs or reports you may have prior to or after your visit.
5. I will help you streamline your regimen, and suggest any testing that may be helpful.
6. A follow up appointment is recommended after the initial appointment to review results and progress..

7. If you have difficulty with this process, please email with your availability, and I can set it up for you.


What does the process involve if I decide to see Dr. Comeaux?

Please either schedule in the portal or email ( to fix an appointment. Ideally, you would need to forward any recent (3-4 months old) blood test results along with you for the consult. Labs are not required, but are recommended and useful, even if they are not up to date. During the consult, the person’s blood test is analyzed using functional chemistry, then based on the client’s medical history, goals, lifestyle limitations, a diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations are customized for the individual. A follow up may be necessary within a month’s time.

Do I need to get tests done to achieve my goals?

In order to determine core issues, an assessment or blood test can help determine what nutrients are missing and what is in excess (toxins), which can help customize a plan as opposed to a general consultation based purely on medical history. If you have health challenges, a blood test can be used as a comparison tool if you are using nutrition to create improvements, and help reduce medication as determined by a doctor.


Do I have to buy all the supplements from you?

No. Your care is not compromised if you do not purchase supplements from me.

I do provide access to fullscripts ( and ( for medical grade supplements for your convenience. If you need essential oils, my preferred brand is Young Living, because many of my recommendations stem from my experience with this line of products. Young Living access

I may receive a commission or some other benefit from the products from these websites.

Items are sometimes available on other websites, but sometimes counterfeit supplements are substituted for real ones.

I do recommend what supplements to buy and where. In case you are using a particular supplement, I can guide you in helping to maximize your results.


How do I know the program is working?

The client becomes an active partner in the journey towards optimum wellness. The end result will depend upon the amount of commitment you have put into the program and when you start feeling good, you start looking good! But getting another blood test or assessment done can reveal undeniable results.


My appointments are booked by the hour.  The cost is $400 per hour.  Most clients see me 2-3 times per year.

If you are local to the Houston area, please call Radiance Medical Aesthetics & Wellness to schedule an appointment.

6777 Woodlands Parkway, Suite 300
The Woodlands, Texas 77382
(281) 367-4700

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