Boosting Oxytocin

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Oxytocin the so-called “love hormone” is being increasingly shown to trigger a wide variety of physical and psychological effects in both women and men. Once associated primarily with labor, breastfeeding and maternal bonding, research shows that the role of oxytocin, sometimes called the love hormone or the cuddle hormone, extends beyond the realm of motherhood. It plays a role in healing as well as your happiness and well-being.

The hormone’s influence on our behavior and physiology originates in the brain, where it’s produced by the by a structure called the hypothalamus, and then transfers to the pituitary gland which releases into the bloodstream.. Like antennas picking up a signal, oxytocin receptors are found on cells throughout the body. Levels of the hormone tend to be higher during both stressful and socially bonding experiences, according to the American Psychological Association.

It has been found that even small expressions of support between family members and friends will stimulate the release of oxytocin.

What this means is that love, trust, sincerity, and heartfelt touch can actually prompt the body to heal on a physical level. When oxytocin levels are stable and elevated, the physical body benefits as much as the mind.  Various studies have suggested:

  1. Oxytocin released in the brain under stress-free conditions naturally promotes sleep, according to a 2003 study in the journal Regulatory Peptides.
  2. Oxytocin counters the effects of cortisol, which is the known as the stress hormone
  3. Oxytocin reduces levels of cortisol in the body and lowers blood pressure.
  4. Oxytocin and the receptor site for oxytocin have been found in the intestinal tract. Because oxytocin and its receptors are found in the gastrointestinal tract, healing the gut is an essential part of any program designed to heal mental and emotional trauma.
  5. Oxytocin improves gut motility and decreases intestinal inflammation.
  6. Oxytocin has an anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) effect and may increase romantic attachment and empathy.
  7. Oxytocin is a potent stimulator of spontaneous erections in rats and is involved in ejaculation.

There are no over the counter products that have the actual hormone since that is not allowed by the FDA. Products that are sold over the counter that claim to have oxytocin are not to be trusted. Oxytocin nasal spray is available by prescription only.

There are several ways to deliver oxytocin replacement without an injection or nasal spray:

  1. We can compound an oral oxytocin tablet in a proprietary blend to bypass the stomach and portal system to be absorbed by the lymphatics. This provides a dose much like an injection. A poster presentation of plasma levels reveal good levels at 3 hours after ingestion and remain increased for up to 8 hours.
  2. We can also compound a sublingual oxytocin dose which provides a dose within 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Moreover, we can compound a topical Oxytocin.

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