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Naturally Support Fertility

If you are trying to have a baby and things aren’t happening as easily as you hoped, or you want to optimize your health and your partner’s health prior to conceiving, then the Drug-Free Fertility Plan has what you need.
Drawing on years of research and the latest information about how nutrition, toxins and genes play a role in the ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy, Dr. Comeaux is on the leading edge for optimizing your conception plans without the need for synthetic drugs or expensive IVF procedures. 50% of infertility is unexplained, but research indicates that it’s likely due to more subtle imbalances in nutrient density, hormonal imbalances and genetic factors. Dr. Comeaux’s proven 5 pronged approach addresses Nutrition, Detox, Genomics, Hormone Balance and Spiritual-Emotional considerations so you can go on to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby!

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